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Why Choose Xexam ?


Create Online Exams/ Tests is Very Easy

It takes only two minutes to complete the creation of one exam. Import exam questions Easy by Word document (document suffix is .docx), including answer's explanations!


Offline Exam Simulator Include

Our Offline exam simulator feature full like the online exam, they all has Study Mode and Test Mode feature. Just this is software format and only can used on PC, also need the user to install.


Multi Types of Questions

Our Question Types include Single Choice, Multi-Choice, audio, video. (Developing: Vacation, Drag & Drop, Hotspot and Scenario.)


Exam User Groups

Simple manage more students access the same exams. Merchant can added the group and assign exams to the group, then add the student to the group.


Private Access

The merchant creates a student account, then assign the account an Online Test, Offline Simulator or Test Once permission. When the student access the exams need his account and password.


Test Once (One-time examination)

Test Once is very usefull feature, it can be used for high school, colledge, university and business company for do the real exam. It can be test only one time by student, and can be re-actived by merchant!

After finished, Your student will access your exam online or offline. Result like NEXT:

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